Are You Worried About Your Skins Tags On Penis? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

By | August 12, 2018

There are different types of skin growths, and some are cancerous while many of them are not. Skin tags are one of the noncancerous skin growths that some people get as they grow. To identify a skin tag, look at the characteristics of a skin tag. Typically, these benign growths are small in size and soft.

They have a stem that attaches them to the skin’s surface. Unless they are irritated because of continuous rubbing, they are not painful.

Therefore, when you notice such a growth, you should not be alarmed. However, if you have never experienced them and you are concerned, visit a dermatologist’s office.


Where they are most likely to occur

One thing about skin tags is that they can appear anywhere on the body as long as the part has skin on it. The most common cause of skin tags is skin rubbing against skin, jewelry, and clothes. Therefore, they can be expected anywhere. However, very few people are prone to skin tags.

In as much as they can appear anywhere, there are common places where skin tags form. These places are:

  • Under the armpits
  • The neck
  • The eyelid
  • On the upper chest
  • Under the female breasts
  • On the groin area
  • On the penis


Skin Tags on Penis

Skin tag on the penis is not a mystery. Some men get skin tags on this place but not all men. Skin tag on the penis does not come from having sexual intercourse. These skin tags are primarily formed when the skin rubs against other skin areas or clothes.

The penis has multiple skin folds that make it easy to rub against each other. Also, when you wear your underwear, it will also rub against the fabric. This increases the chances of developing skin tag on the penis. Since they do not come about because of sexual intercourse, they cannot also be transmitted.


The rareness of skin tag on penis

Skin tag on penis does not occur as often as in other areas mentioned above. They are rare and very few men suffer from them. Even so, other factors may increase a probability of a man developing skin tags on the penis.

Genetics: if you come from a family line where skin tags are very common, then you have a high chance of getting them. A skin tag on the penis should not come as a shock.

Hormonal fluctuations: There is a strong connection between hormonal changes and the growth of skin tags. Steroids also contribute to some extent.


Skin tag on penis removal: best procedures

There are four procedures that you can go through to remove skin tag on the penis. They are


This is where liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin tag and kill it. It will fall off.

The healing time for cryotherapy is around fourteen days, but a scab will form on the area two days after the skin tag falls off.


  • It is less expensive
  • You can do it at home if you can do it safely
  • It is non-invasive


  • It leaves a white mark sometimes
  • Skin takes time to go back to normal
  • It is freezing


This procedure uses a heated device to burn off the skin tag. A scab forms after the process. The stem is targeted, and the device detaches the tag from the stem.

It takes around one or two weeks for the area to heal completely.


  • The procedure is fast
  • It can be done at home provided you numb the area


  • You need a local anesthetic
  • May result in a scar
  • Not suitable for bigger skin tags

Surgical excision

This is where the skin tag on the penis is cut off using a surgical blade.

The healing time for surgical excision is a few days. But this depends on how you take care of the wound


  • It is very fast to perform
  • It heals very fast


  • You will need a local anesthetic
  • It can leave a scar
  • It is not safe to perform at home


This is where the skin tag on the penis is tied with dental floss or cotton at the stem. This prevents blood flow to the growth. It will die and fall off unnoticed.

It takes a week or two for the place to heal.


  • The procedure is affordable
  • It is non-invasive


  • It can be very discomforting
  • The skin tag may not fall off


Cost of having a skin tag on penis removed

One thing to note about skin tag on penis removal is that it is advised that you let a professional do it for you. It is not the safest place to treat yourself.

Dermatologists will charge you consultation fees which can be any amount from $100. However, a few of them will only charge you for the procedure. The procedure may also be any amount from $100 per skin tag.

Note that these rates can vary greatly depending on a few factors. Some dermatologists can charge less while others can charge more.

What are the chances that the skin tag on the penis will grow back?

Some people have skin tags removed, and after a few months, they grow again. One thing to note is that skin tags can develop at any time. However, it is almost impossible for it to grow back in the exact place it was.

Skin tag on the penis may grow at proximity from where the other one was deceiving you that it is in the same place. A new skin tag can grown on the penis, but an old one does not re-grow after removal. If it does, consult a doctor.


Preventing a skin tag on penis

Preventing skin tags is an impossible thing to do. The reasons are self-evident. This skin folds on this area will always rub against other skin and fabric. Even so, this does not mean that you must experience them.



Skin tag on the penis can be embarrassing. They may not be harmless or contagious but may cause a few concerns to you and your partner. Therefore, you can have it removed by a professional.


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