Is It Normal To Have Skin Tags During Pregnancy? Should You Get Rid Of Them?

By | August 18, 2018

When you become pregnant, there are a lot of changes that occur in your body. Most of them are physical and easily noticeable. The change that most women love that comes with pregnancy is the pregnancy glow. Your skin transforms and becomes gorgeous, flawless, and attractive.

At least this happens to most women. However, for some women, this is the better part of the changes that the skin experiences. The worst case scenario is developing skin tags.

Skin tags are those small growths on your skin that are soft and resemble the flesh color. They tend to hang from the surface because they are attached to the skin with a stem.

These skin growths are not cancerous and do not cause any discomforts whatsoever. They may only be irritated when there is more friction applied to them like when they rub against clothes or skin.


Common occurrences

Skin tags are common in adults with reports showing that at least 25% of adults experience them in their lifetime.

The skin tags are expected in certain situations and conditions. For instance

They commonly occur when a person is obese or overweight

When you are obese or overweight, you tend to have several skin folds, and they are the perfect breeding ground for tags. The skin on these folds will rub against itself over and over again leading to skin tag growth.

The commonly occur where family members develop them a lot

Skin tags have been linked to the genetic makeup of a person. It is said that the problem can be hereditary. If a person is born into a family where people have skin tags, they will most likely have them as they grow. They are pre-disposed by nature.

They are also common when a person is diabetic

It is common for people with type 2 diabetes to suffer from skin tags. This condition is characterized by insulin resistance by the body.

The above are some of the common causes of skin tag occurrences. However, it remains that friction on the skin is the most common cause for these growths. Skin tags can grow on any part of the body. All day long, the skin is always rubbing against something.

It can be itself or the clothes you wear. This means that you can develop the skin tags during pregnancy on any part of the body.

Even so, the most common parts that are prone to developing skin tags during pregnancy are:

  • The under the breasts
  • Under the arm
  • Around the groin area
  • On the neck


Pregnancy Skin Tags

We have looked at some of the common conditions that cause occurrences of skin tags. Since many women face this problem, they wonder whether or not pregnancy is also one of the common conditions that cause skin tags.

The answer to this is yes. Pregnancy skin tags are very normal among pregnant women. As stated earlier, there are a lot of changes that take place when you are pregnant. Some of the changes include weight gain.

You may not be obese or overweight. However, the weight that you gain when you are pregnant leads to the development of skin the folds in different places. There will be increased friction on the skin, and this can lead to skin tags during pregnancy.

Another cause for the development of skin tags during pregnancy is hormonal fluctuations. When you are pregnant, your hormonal levels tend to fluctuate a lot. The fluctuations are linked to the development of skin tags as well. The skin tags may develop during pregnancy or when you are nursing because of the hormones.

For these two reasons, it is normal for pregnant women to get skin tags during their pregnancy period.


How to remove skin tags during pregnancy

Skin tags that appear during pregnancy can be removed. However, for a lot of women, the tags disappear after pregnancy without you noticing them.

For the pregnant woman, there are no concerns when skin tags appear because they will not harm your child in any way. Also, your child will not get them because you developed them when you were pregnant.

Since they are harmless and have a chance of disappearing after the pregnancy period, a lot of doctors recommend that you leave them. Even so, many women are never comfortable with them. This is mainly when they interfere with their beauty because they are on the eyelid or around the eye. Therefore, they opt to remove them.

There are four medical procedures that women can choose from when they want to remove the skin tags during pregnancy. They are:


This is a procedure where a ligature is tied around the skin tag by the stem to cut off the supply of oxygenated blood. This leads to the death of the tag, and it will fall off after a few days.


This is the process where the liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the tag and remove detach it from the skin.

Surgical excision

This is a famous choice among people. The healing time is minimal. It involves cutting off of the tag using a surgical blade. The area is numbed before the procedure starts


This is where the skin tag is detached from the skin by burning it at the stem. A cautery pen or other heated devices are used.

All these procedures are safe for pregnant women. When pregnant, it is recommended that you stay clear of home remedies and using creams. The skin tends to absorb these products, and that is why you are advised to avoid them for safety purposes.

Some products may have harmful ingredients. If you must remove the skin tags, let a professional do it for you.



Skin tags during pregnancy are common, and they should not worry you. The chances are that they will disappear after pregnancy. However, if they are an inconvenience, you can consult a dermatologist and have a medical procedure. Your safety and that of the baby will be guaranteed in this way.


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