Home Remedies For Skin tags? Is This How You’ll Treat Your Skin Tag??

By | August 12, 2018

Skin tags are normal and are not something that should cause you to be alarmed or frustrated. While many people can assume that any type of growth may be cancerous, that is far from the truth. Not every skin growth symbolizes a severe problem beneath the surface. Skin tags are one of these growths.

A skin tag is a non-cancerous growth in which the protruding part is attached to the skin via a stalk. They are small in size and are soft. Even so, they differ in size.

These growths are harmless and do not cause any discomforts unless they are irritated through rubbing of fabric against them. You can comfortably use home remedies for skin tags removal comfortably if they appear.


Common causes of skin tags

Some reasons contribute to the development of skin tags. These reasons include:

Genetic factors: People who are born in families where skin tags are popular are genetically pre-disposed to having skin tags as they grow up. This may be unavoidable because it is in the family lineage.

When skin is rubbing against skin, clothes, and jewelry: This is the most popular cause of skin tags on many parts of the body. Because of the friction, the areas with skin folds will be prone to developing skin tags.

Tight clothes will also facilitate their growth. However, these factors will significantly affect the people whose skin is sensitive and easily get irritated.

Obesity and being overweight: when a person is obese or overweight, their body size will always be enormous. They will have numerous skin folds on their bodies. Because the skin folds are a perfect ground for the skin to rub against another skin, skin tags will grow.


a scientific study that was conducted in 2008 and the results showed that human papillomavirus might be a facilitating factor for skin tag developments. Skin tags were analyzed, and half of the skin tags had the HPV DNA.

Hormonal imbalance: when there are hormonal fluctuations in the body, a person may develop skin tags. That is why pregnant women develop skin tags when they are pregnant.


Type 2 diabetes is associated with this problem because of the insulin resistance nature of the condition. The body will not absorb glucose in this condition.

These are some of the factors that play significant roles in the development of skin tags on different parts of the body.


Popular locations where skin tags grow on the body

Every place on the body that has skin can be subject to the development of skin tags. Therefore, no part is exempted from the possibility of developing these growths. However, some areas are notorious when it comes to skin tag growths. These areas are:

  • The eyelids
  • The neck
  • Under the arms
  • On the groin
  • Upper chest
  • Under the breast

Places where you can use home remedies and creams to remove skin tags

Skin tags are not harmful and will not cause you any pain or discomforts. Even so, many people remove them because of cosmetic purposes. There are numerous procedures that you can use to remove skin tags.

However, very few people can afford the procedure or are comfortable with the process. The next best option is always the use of home remedies for skin tags removal.

Home remedies for skin tags removal are very safe in controlled environments. These products are more gentle and a preferred option.

Typically, you can apply the home remedies for skin tags on any part of the body. However, you should not use them near the eyes or other sensitive areas like the vagina among other places.

Also, when you use a particular home remedy or cream and realize that it is causing you irritations or to an extent, bleeding, discontinue use and find other options that will work for you.


Home remedies for skin tags that you can use

There are so many different home remedies for skin tags to choose from. They include:

Apple cider vinegar: this product is excellent and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are essential. That is why it is a great agent for the job.

Apply a small amount of the ingredient on cotton and rub it on the area for 15 minutes, thrice in a day.

Garlic or ginger: garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties while ginger has excellent healing properties and excellent bioactive elements. It is also an antimicrobial. You can use them together or separately. Crush them and apply them on the affected area.


iodine is excellent at breaking down skin cells. Apply it on the skin tag once a day using a Q-tip for safe application. Do not apply the iodine on the surrounding skin. In a few days, the growth w, ll fall off.

Banana peel

This product is rich in enzymes and acids. It is known to remove warts as well. Cut a small piece of the peel and rub the white part onto the skin tag and leave it for an hour. Do this until the skin tag falls off.

Baking soda

This home remedy is made by mixing baking soda with castor oil. A half a teaspoon is mixed with a few drops of the oil to form a paste. Apply the paste on the skin tag and leave it for one to two hours.

Essential oils

These oils are excellent for this. Most of them have unique properties. They include antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and healing properties among others. Some of these oils include castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, oregano oil, and lemon oil among others.


Caution before using home remedies for skin tags removal

These home remedies for skin tags removal work wonders. They are an affordable option and safe. However, you must take caution

  • Avoid sensitive areas
  • When they start to react to the product, discontinue use immediately
  • Always consult a doctor for evaluation of the growth before you embark on the removal process



Home remedies for skin tags work wonders. While they may take more time than the procedures done by a dermatologist, they remain to be the best method.


Image Source: essentialoilsanctuary.com

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