Is Freezing Skin Tags The Best Way To Get Rid Of Them? Are There Any Risks Associated?

By | August 18, 2018

There are numerous types of skin growth, and skin tags are one of them. These are small growths that are benign. They are attached to the skin through a stalk, and they appear to hang from the skin. Other than robbing the skin of its aesthetic appeal, they do not cause any harm or discomforts.

Even so, you can have them removed using different procedures. One of them is skin tag removal by freezing, also called cryotherapy.


What causes skin tags?

Several factors lead to the growth of skin tags. They include:


Some people are born when they are pre-disposed genetically to skin tags. This is because people from their family have been developing skin tags and passing the trait down to the next generations.

Hormonal changes

When hormones change, they can lead to skin tags development. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women develop them.

Friction on the skin

When there is friction between the skin folds or the skin and clothes, they may also develop.


These two are characterized by multiple skin folds because of the increase in size. The tags may appear on the skin folds.


Type 2 diabetes has also been linked to skin tag development.


Locations for skin tag development

Skin tags can occur on any part of the body. However, their occurrence in some parts is very common. The reason is that the areas provide favorable conditions because skin rubs against itself a lot of times. These places are:

  • Under the arm
  • Under the female breasts
  • On the neck
  • On the groin
  • On the eyelid


Skin tag removal by freezing

Cryotherapy is a procedure used to remove skin tags. Liquid nitrogen is applied to the tag to freeze it. It will then die and fall off thus eliminating the problem.

Skin tag removal by freezing is a popular choice for a lot of people among other options. This is because of the advantages.


Merits of skin tag removal by freezing

Below are the advantages that this procedure offers

  • Skin tag removal by freezing is fast. It does not take a long time. The liquid nitrogen works very fast, and in a few minutes, the procedure will be done.
  • You do not need a local anesthetic to be used on the area before the process begins
  • It is an affordable method since you can do it by yourself. You can purchase a recommended product over the counter and remove tags at home.
  • There are no excisions
  • The risk of infection is very minimal


Best candidates to remove by freezing

Skin tag removal by freezing is a very safe method, and it is also quick. This procedure is safe and can be performed on skin tags located in different parts of the body without any worries.

Therefore, it is safe to safe to say that you can get the procedure performed on all tags.


The cost of skin tag removal by freezing

Different doctors charge different prices when it comes to cryotherapy procedures. Also, most of them charge per skin tag. You can expect to spend around $100 per tag. However, you can also purchase a freezing kit and do the procedure at home. This will be relatively cheap.


Alternatives to freezing

There are other methods of eliminating skin tags other than freezing. Some of them are medical procedures while others are not. They include:

  • Surgical excisions
  • Ligation
  • Use of home remedies
  • Use of creams
  • Cauterization



Skin tag removal by freezing is safe, and that is the reason why many people prefer it. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it is worth it. You will have excellent results and in you will heal in about ten to fourteen days.


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