5 Effective Steps To Prevent Moles From Appearing On Your Skin

By | August 24, 2017

Some moles occur at birth or are hereditary and hence, you have no control over their occurrence, however, that possibility is very rare. Studies suggest that 1 in 100 people attract Congenital Nevis. This also indicates that most moles appear early in life, especially during childhood and adulthood. And, it’s definitely possible to control or at least minimalize their occurrence.

Although there are no studies conducted that prove if we can prevent a new mole from appearing on our body, however, these can certainly be considered as certain ways to prevent growth of existing moles.

We’ll cover all possible ways to prevent moles from appearing/growing on your skin.

1. Use high factor sunscreen

There is no denial to the fact that all of us are exposed to sunlight on a daily basis. And, there are limited ways we can reduce our exposure to sunlight especially if you have a job that allows you to travel more. It is absolutely recommended to wear a high factor (SPF15 – Minimum) sunscreen to at least minimalize the effect of devastating UV rays.

2. Observe areas exposed to the sun

Even though you are applying a high factor sunscreen regularly, it doesn’t take you away from the fact that a keen observation is also required to all the areas that are highly exposed to UV light. Apart from looking for new moles, you should keep a check on your existing moles as well. Not just areas exposed to sun, pay attention to your entire body and observe it fully once a week.

3. Meet your dermatologist

We may be doing a fantastic job in taking every possible measure to prevent moles on our skin. But we are no experts. An in-depth examination can only be conducted by your dermatologist. Make sure you meet them once every 2-3 months.

4. Understand different mole types and possible cures

Try to identify your skin type, know about various skin problems, understand different types of moles, warts and how to avoid them in the first place.

5. Live a healthy life

Consume at least 6-8 glasses of water per day and treat your body with lots of vegetables. Some vitamins such as A,C & E and fatty acids are actually good for your skin. A healthy skin is an indication of a diet full of vitamins & necessary nutrients.


We are pretty sure if you follow the above-mentioned steps, one can get avoid getting or at least control a good number of existing moles from growing on the skin.

Since sunlight plays an important role in the occurrence of new moles & change in existing moles, we have covered a dedicated article on how to prevent moles even with maximum exposure to sun.


Image Source: Vinamy & Lookhealthfit.com

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