Type Of Moles That Can Easily Be Removed At Home

By | August 31, 2017

Moles are the result of over active melanocytes, wherein they appear as dark spots on the skin. Additionally, the over activity of the sebaceous glands can also lead to the formation of moles.  Moles on the face vary in size, shape and color. Moles on face can be large or small, flat or raised, symmetrical or asyymetrical, and can be seen in different colors such as brown, red or black. Moles are simply clusters of pigmented which arise when the body produces excess of melanoytes. Mole formation generally increases with an increased exposure of the skin to direct sunlight. Moles also appear due to hormonal changes during puberty or during pregnancy. The number of moles on the human body increases with age.


Flat or Raised Moles


Raised or compound moles, are intradermal moles, and they have a lower chances of turning malignat.

Flat moles are generally the major cause of melanoma.


Meaning of moles on the face according to Chinese Traditions


Chinese astrologers believe moles are the direct result of the changes in emotional and psychological dynamics in a person. Moles correlate with the energy flow, energy channels or chi in the human body. Based on where the moles are located on the face some moles facilitate energy flow whereas others obstruct the energy flow.


Moles on the forehead mean communication hindrance with people in authoritative positions. Moles on the temple reveal high focus, drive and persistence. Moles on the eyebrow indicate wealth and high income throughout life. Moles on the eyelid indicate discord in family relationship and a potential for bankruptcy. Moles on the cheek suggest loneliness and an inability to start a family. Also moles on the crease of the smile line on your face indicate potential accidents. Moles on the lip signal many gastronomic adventures and love for food and other finer things in life. According to Chinese tradition moles of the ears are considered very auspicious. It symbolizes intelligence, a good and influential personality. Mole on the chin represents firmness and determination to fulfill an objective. Moles on the nose are not looked upon favorably. Moles on the bridge of the nose mean hard labor and a life with obstacles. Whereas moles near the nostril means someone who is shrewd about safeguarding their money.


Home remedies for mole removal


There are some powerful home remedies for mole removal. They are efficacious and give the desired results, which is a mole free beautiful skin.


Cauliflower Juice


Extract fresh cauliflower juice and apply it on the moles. Let is sit for 30 minutes before you wash it off with water. Cauliflower juice is mild yet very effective, so it can be applied few times in a day for a few days until you see disappearance of moles. Cauliflower juice is rich in vitamin C, which dehydrates the moles and makes them fall off quickly.


Pineapple Juice


Cut small slices of pineapple and rub it on the mole for several minutes. Or dab a few drops of pineapple juice on your facial moles. Leave it on for a few minutes until the juices dry out. Then wash it off with water. Pineapple juice is rich with high quantities of citric acid that dissolve the moles and eliminate them. Pineapple juice is mild, natural, and can be applied on skin regularly.



Consult doctor if the mole is cancerous


If you have a suspicious looking mole consult your doctor immediately. Have the moles checked for skin cancer. Skin cancer generally begins with an unusual looking growth on the skin. Regular self checking for unusual moles will ensure that even if there is cancer it will be identified at an earlier stage. The sooner you can begin the cancer treatment the better it is for self recovery. Skin cancers are invariable more curable when they are identified at an earlier stage.


But, what makes a mole suspicious? Normal moles are round or oval and have a uniform rounded edge or symmetry. They generally look symmetrical. On the other hand, cancerous moles mostly look asymmetrical – they show different amount of growth throughout the same mole. Also color is an indicator of an anomaly. Normal moles are black, brown or red in color, and have a uniform color distribution. Whereas suspicious moles can suddenly change color, have more than one color. An expert dermatologist can recommend whether the mole needs to be removed by excision surgical method.










Image Source: Simpleorganiclife.org

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