How To Get Rid Of A Cancerous Mole?

By | September 3, 2017

How To Get Rid Of A Cancerous Mole


Things to cover in this article –

  1. Facts about melanoma/cancerous moles
  2. Things you should look for
  3. Confirm it with your dermatologist
  4. Work with him to find the best removal procedure


Moles are benign overgrowths of skin cells called melanocytes responsible for producing melanin, which gives skin its natural color. They are of dark, brown, tan, skin, yellow or black color. Most people want to get rid of them due to cosmetic reasons however, some moles turn into melanoma, a very rare form of skin cancer. Cancerous moles are said to have the following patterns –

  1. People with more than 50 moles on their body are at higher risk of skin cancer.
  2. A person with more than 5 atypical nevi could have melanoma.
  3. A person who has a family history of melanoma must be carefully and perform regular self skin-exams for early detection.

Signs of a cancerous mole/melanoma

It is important for any person to understand about different types of moles and must visit his dermatologist regularly in order to avoid any potential threat of a skin cancer.

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