Does Laser Mole Removal Give An Excellent Outcome At A Fair Cost?

By | August 31, 2017


Moles are a common sight on the human skin. They are composed of pigmented cells in different of brown, black, red or pink. They have become raised, flat or hairy.

Some moles have a gorgeous appeal whereas other can have a grotesque effect. It is those moles that make us look unfaltering that we want to get removed quickly with minimum effort.

“Laser mole removal procedure is one such method. It is fast, non-invasive, pain-free and affordable while being a robust technical method of complete mole elimination.”

Laser therapy is simply straightforward in which a light beam is directed on the mole, the laser invades the mole and kills the excess pigment-laden cells. The damaged cells are then removed by the body’s immune process.

Laser mole removal although highly effective is not recommended for cancerous, raised moles or deeper moles.

So before embarking on the process of laser mole removal with the help of a cosmetic surgeon, first consult a dermatologist to ensure that your mole is safe and does not have any cancerous properties, whether benign or metastatic.

Benefits of laser treatment

1. Laser treatment is considered safe and reliable technique. Surgical procedures even if popular are expensive and may cause visible scarring.
2. Laser treatment of mole removal is most effective with superficial moles on the face. The post-treatment outcome ensures high aesthetic appeal of the face.
3. Laser mole removal is not a harsh technique; hence it does not affect the healthy tissues surrounding the mole. Furthermore, it facilitates quick rehabilitation of cells.
4. The procedure is pain-free, and it automatically sterilizes the area of the skin after the procedure.


1. Most laser surgeries are conducted on cosmetically unappealing moles and hence not covered by insurance.
2. The only possible side effects, if any, are post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, redness, swelling, and poor healing.  Such disruption of skin tissues never occurs really, especially, if proper post care treatment has been followed through.
3. Laser treatment may require more than one session to completely eliminate all the pigmented cells in the mole.

Type of mole where it is easily executed

Laser removal of the mole is most effective for flat moles. For deep-rooted moles, laser treatment does not give the best outcomes. Since laser beams cannot penetrate deeper layers of the skin to zap pigmented mole cells that lie buried in the inner layers of the skin.

On the other hand, laser beams are super efficient in destroying the pigmented cells of flat moles.

Benign moles make for a perfect candidate for a laser procedure.

“A laser method shall never be used if your mole itches, bleeds, elevates or pains. It needs careful examination by your dermatologist.”

Raised mole removal using laser

When it comes to removing raised moles and skin tags, laser mole removal methods are not very effective. Skin tags usually develop on the neck, face or back and they become an eyesore.

They cause discomfort by getting caught in jewelry or clothing. Furthermore, they can cause irritation and inflammation. Skin tags and raised moles are best removed by the surgery and suturing, which more than often leave behind strong, visible scars.

Precautions of laser removal

Moles even if benign must be removed because they stand the chance of becoming cancerous with time.  It is a good precaution. After laser treatment of the mole, be careful not to expose yourself to harsh sunlight especially during mid-day.

Intense sun rays slow down the healing process and exacerbate the scarring. Wear a sun block cream to prevent any scar from developing. Also moisturize the treated area, again this helps in quick restoration of skin health. (Detailed article on laser mole removal)

Laser mole removal cost

The cost for a laser treatment for mole removal is generally on the higher side in comparison to surgical procedures. It is determined by factors such as the size & complexity of the mole, expertise of the doctor, number of moles to be treated etc.

The more complicated the procedure the more expensive the treatment. Larger and darker moles will take longer to get visibly removed. So they would require many more sessions.  Subsequently, more sessions will add up to more expense.

Add to that the cost of histological examination and dermoscopy. Also the location and the reputation of the clinic that you get your laser treatment from will accumulate in the final payout of your laser mole removal treatment.

“Laser surgery cost generally starts from $200 and can go up to $500 depending on all factors mentioned above.”

Alternatives to laser method

You can ask your dermatologist about other removal procedures like cryotherapy, radiosurgery or shave and do a cost analysis vis-a-vis the cosmetic outcome desired.


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