How To Get Rid Of Skin Moles – Surgical Procedures Vs Home Remedies

By | August 31, 2017

Moles, or nevi, are clustered cells that are very high in melanin content and can occur anywhere in the body, though they are frequently seen on the face or areas majorly exposed to sunlight. Moles come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They could black, brown, red or similar to the surrounding skin color. Additionally, they could be flat or raised is appearance. Some moles can be present from birth whereas others could appear later in life due to hormonal changes or pregnancy. Moles although add to the attractiveness of a person’s face, it can also be equally undesirable and unsightly.

How to get rid of skin moles

Mole removal is a quite popular these days and cosmetic surgeons specialized in getting rid of moles from the face are highly in demand. Moles generally pose no great health risk but sometimes they can be malignant. Exercise caution if the moles are asymmetrical or suddenly changes color. Observing the mole’s shape, borders, size, color, and surface texture will help you ascertain if the mole is cancerous at all.

Hence, it is very important to identify the nature of the mole through a biopsy. Cancerous moles are treated with surgical procedures as they are deemed most appropriate and effective. However, as these are facial moles they must be removed with special precautions, careful enough not to leave behind a deep visible scar. Benign moles are easy to remove, but malignant mole removal can lead to some complications such as metastasis of cancerous cells.

On the other hand, removing small flat moles at home is possible, and the procedures are not only safe and cost-effective, but they are also good for removing moles without leaving a scar behind on your face.

For mole removal by the surgical method set up an appointment with your dermatologist. For benign and raised moles dermatologists generally perform shave excisions. In the procedure, the mole and the surrounding skin is numbed with a local anesthetic, then a sterilized scalpel is used to make horizontal cuts such that the mole becomes flush with the surrounding skin. The blood vessels are cauterized with an electrode to ensure no bleeding. The healing process is quick and it does not leave behind any scar.

The process of removal of deep-rooted or flat moles can be quite complex. In such instances, the cosmetic surgeon will perform surgical excision. In this procedure the mole and a margin of unaffected skin will be removed with a scalpel, as a result, a deep wound will develop. The wound must be closed with stitches to facilitate quick healing, however, a scar in the form of a thin, light line will be formed. Because of a higher incidence of scarring surgical excision method of mole removal is not preferred for the face.

Conversely, cryosurgery method of mole removal is highly preferred. In this procedure, liquid nitrogen is directly applied to freeze off the mole. First, the mole is numbed with an anesthetic, followed by the application of a small amount of cold liquid nitrogen directly to the mole by spraying or swabbing it on. The extremely low temperature of the liquid nitrogen is efficient in killing off the cells in the mole. This procedure is deemed very safe, with minimal side effect. A little to no scar will be left after the procedure has been completed. Thus, cryosurgery method of mole removal is considered safe and ideal for the face.  In a very unlikely event even if there is a scar it will blend naturally with the skin and will be more difficult to spot than the actual mole itself.

Different mole removal types including home remedies

Moles can be effectively cured with different fruit juices. Fruit juices are rich in acidic or astringent compounds that can cause the can cause the moles to fade out and even disappear. Apple juices are very efficient in elimination facial moles. They are work powerfully on flat moles. Onion juices are also known to give equally powerful results. Apply onion juice few times in a few days for four to six weeks. Leave the onion juice on the moles for a few minutes and then wash it off with water. Slices of pineapple, when placed directly on the moles, can do wonders as well. Spread the pineapple juices over the moles and let it sit overnight before washing it off with water the morning after. Keep using the pineapple juices until the moles fade away.


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