Cost of Mole Removal: Surgical Procedures Vs Home Remedies Vs Creams

By | September 3, 2017

Mole removal can be performed by different methods. Some procedures are complex than others. Hence the cost of each procedure varies significantly. We are going to compare the mole removal cost for various procedures, home remedies & over-the-counter creams available in the market.

Before you go for a particular mole removal technique, it is important to also understand various factors that determine your mole removal cost, pros & cons of various procedures, the possibility of a scar with various methods and whether your mole is covered by insurance etc.

Shave Mole Removal Cost

Shave mole removal method is frequently used to treat superficial moles. The average cost is between $150-250. The treatment is quick and simple. It may take you a few minutes in the surgeon’s office.

The area is first treated with a local anesthetic. The mole is shaved gradually by making consecutive horizontal cuts. The procedure is minimally invasive, with little to no scar and the healing time is quick.

The uniqueness of the procedure – if there is nick or cut in the blood vessel, it is immediately sealed off with cauterization procedure. The area must be treated with an antibiotic ointment. Keep the mole area clean to prevent infection. (Detailed article on shave mole removal here.)

Excision with Stitches Cost

Excision with stitches method of mole removal is used for moles that are large and have deep roots. It can cost between $200 and $400 depending upon the complexity of the procedure, which is again dependent on the size, shape, and location of the mole.

It is amongst one of the most preferred procedures by dermatologists. During this procedure, the area from which the mole is to be removed is first sterilized and numbed with an injected dose of anesthetics. Raised and deep-rooted moles are effectively treated by this procedure.

A scalpel is used to excise a raised part of a mole and it penetrates the deeper layer of the skin to remove the deep-seated roots of the mole completely. You will not feel any pain. The excision is then followed by stitches that are removed after one week.

Follow the doctor’s aftercare instructions to promote quick recovery and leave behind minimum scars. Apply antibiotic ointments and bandages on the stitches. (Detailed article on excision removal here.)

Laser Removal cost

Laser mole removal can be expensive up to $700 as it depends on the city that you take the treatment from. The procedure is ideal for flat, small and dark moles.

A local anesthetic is applied before zapping the mole with a laser. More than one session at the doctor’s office may be required to completely remove the mole. This method is not appropriate for raised or large moles.

The mole must be benign as this procedure destroys all tissues & doesn’t allow for the tissue to be sent for a pathological exam.

Therefore, if the mole is malignant and laser is performed, there are no chances that you’ll know the skin growth you treated was cancerous which can be really dangerous for your body. (Detailed article on laser removal here.)

Cryotherapy Mole Removal

Cryotherapy mole removal can get really expensive and removal starts at $250 and can go up to $1500 as well. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze any unwanted moles or skin tags, which get immediately removed in a simple straightforward manner.

Side effects could be some minor swelling or discoloration which disappears quickly. (Detailed article on cryotherapy removal here.)

Radiosurgery Cost

The cost of radiosurgery can range from $200-350. For the mole to be removed the area is numbed with a local anesthetic. In the procedure radio waves emitted from the tip of the wand, the tip is very gently touched onto the mole tissue.

The heat causes the water in the melanocytes to steam and the melanocytes burst as a result. Once the mole bursts, a light pink scar will be left behind, which will soon form a light scab over the area, the scab will eventually fall off revealing the new skin underneath.

This is amongst the best procedures to treat moles on the face for great cosmetic results. (Detailed article on radiowave removal here.)

Electrocauterization Removal Cost

Electrocoagulation mole removal costs around $150-350. In the electrocoagulation method of mole removal electric current from the tip of a wand is transmitted to the tissues of the mole.

The high energy from the electricity causes the molecules in the tissue to gain energy and vibrate that further leads to increase in temperature. The elevated temperature causes coagulation of the proteins within the tissue; as a result, the mole dissolves and disappears.

The debris of the dead cells in the mole is gradually absorbed by the body and discarded by the immune system. The procedure leaves behind a mild scar that will get healed quickly. The mole removed by electrocoagulation can be sent for further tests such as tumor analysis.

Mole Removal Creams Cost

Mole removal creams can cost up to $75. Moles that are non-cancerous, small or light can be easily removed by creams which have an effective formulation with no scarring or pain. Creams can be used topically on any part of the body. Some very popular mole removal creams are H Moles Formula, Wart & Mole Vanish, Nevi-skin mole Removal etc.

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