Are Skin Tags On Groin A Matter Of Concern? Here’s What You Should Do

By | August 18, 2018

Skin tags are common, and they are not a health threat that you should worry about and have sleepless nights. Skin tags are as a result of friction on the skin when it rubs against itself or clothes. It is not a result of a disease.

They are noncancerous growths that can easily be removed. You can identify that the growth is a skin tag when it is small and hangs from the skin surface because of the stalk that attaches it. They are also soft, and sometimes they look like tiny balloons or mushrooms.


Places where they are commonly found

Skin tags can develop on any part of the body. Some of the places that they occur include:

  • On the neck
  • Under the arms
  • On the eyelid
  • Upper chest
  • Under the breast
  • groin


The Groin

Everyone has a junctional area that is located between the thigh and the abdomen on the sides of the pubic bone. This area is referred to as the groin.

The groin is prone to skin tags.  When you develop these small growths on the groin, it does not mean that you are suffering from any serious infection. In as much as it is embarrassing to have skin tags on the groin, they are harmless.



There are different causes for skin tags. The causes can be hormonal imbalance, type two diabetes, genetic factors, obesity, and being overweight. However, the primary cause for skin tags on the groin is attributed to friction.

The skin here rubs against itself and the underwear.


Are skin tags on groin common?

Skin tags on groin are a common occurrence because of the exposure of the skin to friction.

The best procedure to remove skin tags on groin

There are four procedures for removing skin tags. They are:

1. Surgical excision

This procedure involves the removal of the tag by cutting it off. The place will be numbed before the procedure.

The healing time is always a few days, and you will be good to go

  • Pro: it is a fast procedure and the healing time is fast as well.
  • Cons: there may be scarring, and the wound may get infected without proper care

2. Cryotherapy

This is where the skin tag on groin is frozen using nitrogen in its liquid form. The healing process can take around fourteen days

  • Pros: It is fast and an affordable option because you can do it by yourself
  • Cons: liquid nitrogen is very cold, and it takes a longer time to heal. The area will take longer to go back to normal.

3. Ligation

This method involves tying a ligature or dental floss on the skin tag to cut off the flow of blood that has oxygen.

  • Pros: It is non-invasive and does not need one to numb the lace
  • Cons: it is discomforting and may not be the best option for removing skin tags on groin. Also, it takes longer for the tag to fall off and the area to heal.

4. Cauterization

The area is numbed, and a heated element is used to burn off the tag at the step so that it falls off. The healing time can be around fourteen days.

  • Pros: it is fast and an affordable option because you can purchase a cautery pen over the counter.
  • Cons: it takes a long time to heal


Cost of medical procedures

Different doctors charge different prices to have skin tags on groin removed. Most of them charge per skin tag or some skin tags.

You can expect to spend around $100 per skin tag or a few tags. The rates will vary depending on the doctor and where you are located.


Can they grow back?

Skin tags tend to grow where the conditions trigger them. Therefore, another tag can grow. Typically, the old one does not grow back, but a new one can grow close to where the old one was.



There are no preventive measures that you can apply to avoid these growths.


Can you use home remedies and creams?

Yes, you can. However, you need to be very careful so that you do not apply the remedy or cream to delicate areas. Avoid any contact with these products with sensitive or delicate areas.



Skin tags on groin should not worry you. You can have them removed for cosmetic reasons if you wish. While you can use different methods, medical procedures are the best and should be done by a professional.


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