Step By Step Instructions On How To Use Skin Tag Removal Products

By | August 15, 2018

Skin tags are harmless growths that are noncancerous and have a stem. They are a nuisance and will interfere with your gorgeous and flawless skin. For this reason, a lot of people prefer to remove these little growths. They are not appealing to the eye is as much as they may not be harmful.

Most of the times, they are painless and cause no symptoms. However, when they are rubbed continuously against clothes or jewelry, they tend to bet irritated and a little sore. This is also part of the reason why other people have them removed.

There are different ways of getting rid of skin tags. Some people go for medical procedures, others use home remedies, and others use skin tag removal products such as creams among others.


Skin tag occurrences

Skin tags occur because of various factors. Different individuals will have different reasons that triggered the growth of skin tags. There are those that get skin tags because they are hereditary while others get them because of conditions such as obesity, overweight, hormonal imbalance, and type 2 diabetes.

Other than these reasons, there is the most common reason which is friction against the skin.

A lot of times, the skin rubs against itself or fabric and accessories. When this happens continuously, and one has a sensitive skin that is prone to tags, they will develop them

Skin tags can occur in any part of the body provided skin covers it. This means that when you see one on any skin covered part, you should not be alarmed regardless of how unusual the location may be.

Wherever they appear, there are skin tag removal products that you can use to eliminate them.


Common locations for skin tags

Skin tags can appear on any part of the body as we mentioned earlier. If you are genetically predisposed or have numerous skin folds on the body among other factors, you can develop skin tags. However, other parts of the body are prone to skin tags. These are the places where the majority of the people get skin tags. These places are:

  • Under the arms
  • The groin area
  • On the neck
  • On the eyelid
  • Under the breasts
  • On the upper chest


Skin tags that can be removed by medical procedures

Many people go for skin tag removal products purchased over the counter because they are more affordable and are non-invasive methods. However, others prefer medical procedures. The reason is that they are fast and highly effective.

All skin tags have the same characteristics with the differences being their size and their color. Some can be a little bigger, and others can be darker than the flesh color.

Therefore, from a standpoint, all skin tags can be removed through medical procedures. Regardless of where they grow, different medical procedures can be used to eliminate them.

There are skin tags that grow on sensitive areas such as on the genitals and the eyelid. These places are best suited to be treated using medical procedures.

Skin tag removal products may be harsh as well as some home remedies. It is advised that skin specialists deal with skin tags on these delicate areas.


Types of skin tag removal medical procedures

There are numerous procedures that specialists use to get rid of skin tags from various places on the body. These procedures include the following.

Surgical excision: this procedure is a minor surgery, and a local anesthetic is applied so that the area can be numb to eliminate discomforts. A surgical blade is used to cut off the skin tag. The procedure is fast and safe.

Cauterization: cauterization involves burning the skin tag off from the stem so that the rest of the protrusion falls off. A heated medical device such as a cautery pen is used and sometimes a heated needle. Also, a laser can also be used for this procedure. A local anesthetic is applied.

Ligation: this procedure does not involve a lot of things and does not require a local anesthetic. Typically, dental floss or recommended ligature is tied around the stem of the skin tag. This cuts off the supply of oxygenated blood. The skin tag will die and fall off. The process is not as fast as the others, and it can cause some discomforts.


Tags that you can remove with skin tag removal products and remedies

People opt to use skin tag removal products such as creams to get rid of skin tags. There those that also opt for home remedies. This brings the question of which skin tags you can remove with the skin tag removal products and home remedies.

Just as with medical procedures, skin tag removal products, and home remedies can be used on all skin tags. However, there are instances where it will not be advised to use certain products and home remedies in specific areas because they may lead to adverse consequences.

Such sensitive places include the genitals and on the eyelid. Use of specific products that are harsh can cause inflammations and irritations. A good example is apple cider vinegar on sensitive skin or accidental contact with the eye.


How do various skin tags removal products work?

Different products will work in different ways depending on the ingredients used. Here is how some of them work.

  • Induction of natural cauterization: some products will induce natural cauterization of the skin cells of the tag and cause it to fall off. The perfect skin tag removal product that works like this is the Pristine Wart and Mole Vanish.
  • Drying the skin: other products will dry the skin cells of the tag so that it can shrivel up, dry and fall off.
  • Burning off the tag: there are cauterization pens that you can use to burn the stem of the tag and eliminate it.
  • Freezing: there are also products that freeze the tag using liquid nitrogen causing it to die and fall off.

These are some of the ways that various skin tag removal products work to eliminate your problem.



Skin tag removal is not a must if they do not bother you. Therefore, you can forego the struggle of trying to eliminate them. However, if they make you uncomfortable, you know the various ways you can remove them. You can get over the counter skin tags removal products and use them, visit a specialist, or use home remedies.


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