Is It Dangerous To Have Skin Tag On Eyelid? How To Deal With It?

By | August 12, 2018

It is common for people to get skin tags throughout their lifetime. There are also others that do not face the challenge that comes with dealing with these growths. A skin tag is that small benign growth on the skin that looks like a balloon and is attached to the skin through a stalk.

Skin tags do not have any significant effects because they are not as dangerous as people think they are. However, they interfere with the beauty of a person’s flawless skin, and this is where the problem begins.


Common Locations for skin tags

As stated earlier, skin tags are not rare, and many adults deal with them in their lifetime. They can grow anywhere on the skin regardless of the part. However, there are some places on the body that are prone to getting skin tags. These are:

  • The neck
  • On the buttock folds
  • On the groin folds
  • On the penis
  • Under the armpit
  • On the upper chest and under the female’s breasts
  • The eyelids

Out of all these places, the neck and the armpits are the most common places where the skin tags grow. The reason is that the skin on these places continuously rubs against each other.


Skin Tag on the eyelid

While this may not be as common as the other two areas, they still have a chance of suffering from a skin tag. The eyelids are the folds that protect the eye: upper skin fold and lower skin fold.

Getting a skin tag on this part can be frustrating because it affects the beauty of one’s face. Other than that, it is also a nuisance.


Causes of Skin tag on eyelid

There are so many probable causes for skin tags that medical experts highlight. However, tracing down an exact reason for skin tag growths on the eyelid comes down to skin rubbing against skin.

In a day, a person blinks more than a thousand times. This means that the skin will rub against each other more than a thousand times in a day.

Therefore, for people who are prone to getting skin tags, they may not escape getting them on their eyelid.


Best procedures of Removal

There are some ways that you can use to get skin tag on the eyelid removed. A lot of people go for different procedures depending on what they prefer. Some of these procedures that specialists offer include:

Surgical excision

This procedure is one of the fastest methods that you can get a skin tag on eyelid removed. Typically, the doctor will cut off the skin tag. This minor procedure may call for a local anesthetic to be injected so that you do not get any discomforts.

With this type of removal, the healing may take a couple of days depending on how well you take care of the wound.


  • The procedure is fast.
  • Skin goes back to normal faster


  • Without proper care for the wound, you may get an infection
  • As the wound heals, you may end up with a scar


This is a procedure that makes use of liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is applied to the skin tag, and it freezes if off. Because of freezing, the skin tag on eyelid will die and eventually fall off.

With cryotherapy, it will only take around fourteen days for the area to heal. A scab forms two days after the procedure, and it comes off after fourteen days. The skin will return to normal after two to four months.


  • It is fast
  • Can be done at home under the right circumstances
  • It is an affordable option


  • It takes a long time for the skin to go back to normal
  • Can be a little risky as it is very close to a sensitive and crucial organ: the eye.
  • Leaves a white mark
  • Liquid nitrogen is cold



This procedure involves tying a skin tag on the eyelid with a dental floss by its stem. Doing this cuts off the supply of oxygen and blood to the growth leading to its death. When you tie it, you will realize that it will start to turn in color. In a few days, it will fall off. You may or may not notice it.


  • It is very affordable. Dental floss is always available in a lot of homes.
  • You can perform it by yourself


  • You may experience some discomforts in the process
  • Not safe to perform on self
  • Sometimes you may not tie it tight enough, and it may not fall after a few days



This is a procedure where the skin tag will be burned off using a hot needle or cautery pen among other devices. A laser device can also be used to achieve the same results. A local anesthetic will be injected into the eyelid or face so that you do not feel the pain.

Cauterization targets the stem of the skin tag. It burns it off and seals the area. With this procedure, you will need around one or two weeks for it to heal. Even so, the duration may be affected by the size of the tag.


  • It is very fast to get rid of the skin tag on eyelid
  • You can perform the procedure at home
  • It is an affordable option


  • You will need to numb the area
  • May lead to a scar
  • May not be sufficient for larger skin tags


Cost for removing skin tag on eyelid

Most of the procedures mentioned above will need you to pay a visit to the dermatologist so that they can perform the procedure. Also, most of them give you an option of performing the procedure at home.

When you perform the procedure at home, you are most likely going to spend a small amount of money. This is because you will only need to buy the supplies and you are done.

For instance, you can buy a cryotherapy device that will help you over the counter. You can also buy a cautery pen and perform the procedure. The cheapest method is ligation because you only need a dental floss that is readily available.

However, when you go to a dermatologist, you may incur consultation charges as well as charges for getting the procedure done. The procedures can be anything from $100 for a skin tag removal depending on the specialist.

This means that the more you have, the more you are likely to spend.


Possibilities of skin tag on the eyelid to grow back

A lot of people claim that skin tag on eyelid grew back after they removed them. This begs the question of whether or not this is possible.

Skin tags hardly appear the same place they were before they were removed. However, they tend to appear at a place that is very close to where the previous one was. This creates an illusion that it is in the same place.

Note that you cannot prevent skin tags from occurring because you cannot prevent skin from rubbing against itself.


Use of home remedies on skin tags on the eyelid

There are home remedies that are effective in dealing with skin tags. There are also creams that are formulated to eliminate skin tags. Some of the home remedies to deal with skin tags include:

  • Apothecary tea tree oil
  • Lemon oil frankincense oil
  • Oregano oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • sesame oil



Skin tag on eyelid will make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, find the most convenient way for you to get rid of them. Cosmetic procedures, as well as home remedies, will get the job done.

Therefore, do not hesitate. They may not be cancerous or pose any health issues, but if they irritate you, you can safely remove them.


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