Is This The Best Skin Tag Removal Procedure?

By | March 24, 2018

Skin tag is a skin extension or growth that hang from the skin. It doesn’t require any attention unless it is unsightly or irritates & pains. They mostly appear in places where most skin to skin interactions take place and results in moisture.

While there are a plethora of sites out there claiming to offer the best skin tag removal products highlighting their benefits and selling products without realizing that these over the counter products could also end up harming a skin type and leaving behind irrevocable scars. We do not entirely question the effectiveness of such products and creams, however, there is limited medical evidence to support its effectiveness.

We understand you are looking for the best skin tag removal procedures but before we get to the best procedure let us first understand what comprises of the best procedure?

Rather than showing you the best procedures let us first fathom what a best skin tag removal method consists of –


Can we say that the best procedure is the one which gives less pain? If yes, then an ideal procedure has to be painless or causes bearable pain.


Can we say that the best procedure is the one which is convenient? We are pretty sure the answer is yes. Find a procedure which is convenient or can be done with minimal trouble.

Minimal Scarring

Since most skin tag removals are done for cosmetic reasons the effort shall be made in choosing a dermatologist or procedure which gives a barely visible scar. Some people use home remedies assuming they are cheap and convenient but end up causing more damage to their skin. We are not saying home remedies are ineffective but use it wisely in consultation with your dermatologist.

Location of a skin tag

A home remedy is never recommended for any skin tag located on the eyelid. It is best to get dermatologist’s recommendation to treat skin tags located in sensitive areas of the skin. The point that we are trying to bring here is that the best removal procedure is different for different areas.


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