Is Radiosurgery The Best Mole Removal Procedure?

Moles are omnipresent they are seen to arise on every human skin. They could be small, big, round, oval, odd-shaped, brown or black.  Most moles are harmless and generally have an aesthetic appeal. However, it is a major threat when the moles are no longer benign. Speak to a board-certified dermatologist about the right removal… Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Skin Moles – Surgical Procedures Vs Home Remedies

Moles, or nevi, are clustered cells that are very high in melanin content and can occur anywhere in the body, though they are frequently seen on the face or areas majorly exposed to sunlight. Moles come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They could black, brown, red or similar to the surrounding skin color. Additionally,… Read More »

Should You Be Worried About Your Raised Mole? Are They Melanoma?

Moles appear on your body due to a variety of reasons including sun exposure, use of tanning beds, hormonal changes, at birth etc. Most moles begin as flat pigmented growths on the skin which may become raised over time. Raised moles are commonly found on neck, face or back. Raised mole removal procedure is no… Read More »

Is Shave Mole Removal Procedure Effective?

  Among various mole removal procedures, the one which is widely used is shaving. Shave excision mole removal is a classic and simple procedure that works efficiently to remove moles from your skin. A specialist will use a sharp razor to make a horizontal incision and remove the mole from the skin. Then an electrode… Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Moles Using Cryosurgery Mole Removal Procedure?

No one has to tolerate living with a mole these days, especially since safe, modern methods are now available for their effective elimination. By investing in the simple outpatient procedure known as cryotherapy mole removal, unsightly and prominent skin discolorations can be banished forever, in the safety and comfort of your physician’s office or patient… Read More »

What Type Of Moles Can Be Removed Using Castor Oil?

Moles are benign growths of skin cells and require no additional treatment unless you want them removed for aesthetic reasons. While it is important to get a mole removed medically even in case of benign moles, however, a lot of unverified home remedies have become widely popular and are frequently being used to treat different… Read More »

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal Method Really Work?

A mole is removed primarily because of two reasons – (1) risk of melanoma & (2) cosmetic. The procedure must be performed by a board-certified surgeon. But some people find medical procedures quite painful, costly and fear ending up with a recognizable scar. With increasing popularity of at-home mole removal solutions, people have started looking… Read More »

9 Easy-To-Use Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Your Moles Quickly

Moles occur when pigmented cells called melanocytes grow in clusters. Moles come is myriads of shapes, and size, color and adds a uniqueness that differs from one person to another. However, all not always aesthetically appealing and many people want to have it removed. What better way than treating them naturally using natural ingredients instead… Read More »