4 Most Common Reasons People Consider For Mole Removal

By | August 24, 2017

Mole is often referred to as collective and irregular growth of melanocytes cells in your skin concentrating at a single place resulting in a dark color of skin. An average individual has around 40 moles on their body. It is either raised or flat. According to Mayoclinic, most people grow moles during early years of life till adulthood. If a mole grows after 30 years, you must get it checked by a medical practitioner.

Most moles are benign/harmless, however, it is advisable to consult with a plastic surgeon/dermatologist before you have them completely removed. But why do people want moles removed in the first place?

In this article, we’ll cover why to people go for mole removal and is it worthwhile to get moles removed.

In no particular order, let’s understand the common mole removal reasons.

1. Cosmetic Reasons

Most people consider getting a mole removed due to beautification or cosmetic reasons. On one hand, some moles are considered a beauty mark but on the other, it may also act as a deterrent to your self-esteem & confidence. This holds true primarily for a mole appearing on face or neck.

But remember one thing, you are trading a mole for a scar. Although, there are plenty of creams/solutions available in the market to minimize the effect of a scar but all of them are not worthy enough. So it is advisable to conduct careful research and consult your skin care specialist before you buy any product.

2. Discomfort

A raised mole create a lot of discomfort when rubbed against your shirt if it’s present on the neck or middle part of your body. Similarly, if you have a mole on your cheeks or anywhere on your face, it might create a lot of irritation while shaving or applying any cream.

The prime reason why people want moles removed is to have some relief from that everlasting pain & irritation because of a mole.

3. High Visibility

Sometimes a mole occurs in a high visibility area such as your face, nose, neck, hands and you just can’t stand it because of excessive visibility & distraction. Hence, removal is an option that people consider.

4. Risk of Melanoma

Although a good number of reports suggest that most moles are benign, however, when a mole starts to grow & change it’s shape/size/color/edges, it also increases the risk of melanoma, a very rare form of skin cancer. Hence, it is advisable to get it removed before the problem gets bigger. Obviously, consult your dermatologist before making any decision with regard to mole removal.

These are the most common reasons why people go for mole removal. But as the saying goes, precaution is better than cure, we should make efforts and try to minimize their occurrence by following a few simple steps.

Once it is decided that you want your mole removed, you can work with your doctor/dermatologist to identify the right removal procedure. Identification of right removal procedure depends on a lot of factors including the location of mole, the possibility of scar etc.

A lot of home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, castor oil etc. are also popular for mole removal. In case you plan to use them, just make sure that the mole to be treated is benign and seek approval from a medical expert before proceeding.


Image Source: Skincheck.ie

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