Tea Tree Oil Mole Removal: Everything You Need To Know

By | September 16, 2017

Moles are normal skin overgrowths that grow on every person’s body throughout their childhood till early adulthood. Most moles are benign, however, rarest of the rare moles show signs of melanoma such as a change in color, shape, structure etc. or any of the ABCDE characteristics of skin cancer that makes its removal imminent. Other reasons people consider for a mole removal are irritation, cosmetics etc.

After it is identified that you want to have your mole removed, sit with your doctor to identify the best removal procedure. Due to excessive cost, no insurance coverage and possibility of a scar with cosmetic mole removals, people tend to look for at-home mole removal techniques of which one of the most popular home remedies is using Tea Tree Oil for moles.

We tried looking for credible sources that justify the use of tea tree oil for mole removal however, we couldn’t find much information that proves its effectiveness.

“Also, there is no denying the fact that tea tree oil offers numerous benefits and is used to treat various skin conditions since the old ages.”

Let’s dig deeper to understand whether or not tea tree oil should be used for mole removal.

Tea Tree Oil – An Introduction

Tea tree oil is made from leaves of an Australian plant named Melaleuca Alternifolia. It is used in diluted form to treat a variety of skin and other medical conditions including dandruff, warts, herpes etc. While a lot of websites on the internet claim effectiveness of its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties but according to American Cancer Society, the available clinical evidence doubts its effectiveness in treating skin problems.

Consult with your Dermatologist

If you wish to use it, consult with your dermatologist thoroughly before using tea tree oil for mole removal. Only he/she is the best person to decide whether or not a home remedy shall be used on your mole.

What kind of moles are a perfect candidate for tea tree oil?

First and the foremost requirement for a mole to be treated with tea tree or any home remedy for that matter is that it has to be benign. The second condition is that the mole shall not be embedded in the deeper layers of skin. It can be applied to slightly raised and flat moles as well.

If the mole looks suspicious or shows any of malignancy characteristics, never go for home solutions.

Can tea tree oil be applied to facial moles?

Yes, but avoid using it to the sensitive areas near your mouth or eyes. Also, patch test it on some other area to see if it irritates. Also, it has a strong smell, so just in case you are allergic to it, explore other remedies or procedures.

If your purpose is to achieve good cosmetic results explore other options as well. See whether shaving is an option as it leaves a barely noticeable scar.

Is tea tree oil mole removal a myth?

Well, tea tree oil has several antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it a quite frequently used product for skin and other body related issues. Whether or not its effective for moles, use it with caution to see if this works for you.

Tea Tree Oil Mole Removal Procedure

It is best to use tea tree oil on superficial moles which are not deeply embedded in the skin and are benign. Flat moles without deeper roots respond well to tea tree oil. Once your dermatologist confirms usage of tea tree oil for mole removal, follow these simple steps:

Caution: Before you apply it to the mole area, patch test on some other area of your skin. If it causes any allergy or irritation, stop using it.

#1 – Clean the affected area using mild soap and water. Dry it.

#2 – Dip a small cotton ball or swab into tea tree oil.

#3 – Apply it to the mole and gently press it for a couple of minutes so that the oil enters the skin tissues.

#4 – Leave it as is for a couple of hours for tea tree oil to take effect.

#5 – Rinse off with water.

#6 – Do this for no less than 2 times per day.

#7 – Repeat the process every day till the mole dries & falls off automatically.

#8 – Avoid sun exposure for a couple of weeks. If you can’t avoid UV rays, use High Factor Sunscreen (SPF of atleast 15).

Here’s a video we found on youtube where a lady demonstrates on how to apply tea tree oil for mole or skin tag removal.


Advantages of Tea Tree Oil

1. Cost-effective
2. Painless procedure
3. Minimal possibility of scarring
4. Could be used for treating facial moles

Disadvantages of Tea Tree Oil

1. It is a comparatively slower process to remove moles using tea tree oil. Have patience and repeat the process until the mole is completely removed.
2. Use it in diluted form.
3. Don’t use tea tree oil near mouth because of its toxic nature.
4. It causes allergy and irritation.
5. If it has worked for someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you.


Although, a lot has been written about Tea tree oil mole removal method but there is no empirical evidence that goes on to prove it’s effectiveness as a valuable alternative to surgical methods. If you wish to use tea tree oil, consult your doctor before using it.


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