Is Tea Tree Oil The Best Home Remedy For Mole Removal?

By | September 16, 2017

Among a lot of natural mole removal options available, one of the most popular home remedies that people are searching for is tea tree oil however, even before you think of using this popular home remedy you must work with your dermatologist to (1) make sure the mole is benign/harmless and (2) seek his/her approval to use the tea tree oil for mole removal.

According to WebMD, a lot of people want their moles removed for cosmetic reasons. Moreover, the fact that cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance and medically approved mole removal procedures are quite expensive to look forward to, home remedy is the only solution that most people are left with.  Effectiveness of a home remedy is dependent on a lot of factors. What might suit others may not suit you so it is difficult to conclude which method is the best. In this article, we’ll evaluate if tea tree oil is the best home remedy for mole removal.

What is a Tea Tree Oil??

Also known as melaleuca oil, tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia or narrow-leaved tea-tree, a popular Australian tree. It is used in concentrated form to treat a number of medical conditions in human beings. Most of the evidences that came in support of effectiveness of tea tree oil are not high quality. Even American Cancer Society pointed out that despite tea tree oil being used for several years, the available clinical evidence still doubt its effectiveness for treating skin problems. Some sources also indicate that tea tree oil might be helpful in treating some skin & medical conditions.

If you wish you can still use tea tree oil for moles but consult your dermatologist thoroughly before proceeding and make sure the mole is benign because no tissues are left to be sent for biopsy to evaluate its cancerous properties.

Tea Tree Oil removal procedure

#1 – Clean mole area with water and dry it.

#2 – Dip a cotton swab in oil and start applying on the mole area gently. Repeat the process at least thrice a day.

#3 – Continue doing this until a scab is formed and the mole falls off.


Type of moles than can be removed using Tea Tree Oil

Although you could use it to treat both raised as well as flat moles but it is best suited for superficial moles that are not deeply embedded in the skin. If a mole goes deep inside the skin, there are chances that it’ll grow again.

Does Tea Tree Oil Mole Removal leave a scar?

Since there are no cuts made on the skin with this technique, it results in a less visible scar which can further be minimized using appropriate creams/ointments.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

1. It is available over the counter in the range of $5-15.
2. Minimal scar
3. Pain free method

Drawbacks of Tea Tree Oil

1. It usually takes longer than most mole removal procedures. Be patient and follow the steps persistently for a couple of weeks before you see any visible results.
2. It might cause irritation and allergy. So patch test it on some other area before applying on the mole. Everyone responds differently to tea tree oil.

Is it safe to use Tea Tree Oil For Moles?

It should never be used around the mouth because of its toxic nature. Consuming it orally could cause hallucinations, confusion, weakness, coma etc.


Tea tree oil for moles could be used but make sure you consult your doctor. And like we said in the beginning, that results vary from person to person and how an individual responds to it.


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