Do Mole Removal Pens Really Work? Is It Safe To Use Them?

By | April 10, 2018


We understand you want to get rid of that unsightly moles asap but bear with us for a couple of minutes. We know how important it is for you to eliminate the mole that constantly irritates & lowers your self-esteem.

If your mole looks medically unfit, its removal becomes extremely necessary.

At a time when the entire internet is flooded with products marketed as quick, convenient & cheap solutions for removing moles, how do we know that those products are really effective and will not cause any damage the skin?

Often times people purchase mole remover products because they are cheap without realizing their repercussions.

Before purchasing any mole removal pen or a product make sure you ask a number of questions for a safe removal of your skin growth –

1. What kind of growth is it? Is it a mole, skin tag, wart or any other skin condition?
2. Is it suspicious/malignant?
3. What are some removal procedures to consider? Benefits, risks & side effects of various removal techniques?
4. What are some popular treatment methods if your mole is benign?
5. Is home remedy a solution?
6. Is it safe to consider mole removal pen, cream or any other product? Are there any risks associated while using them? Kind of moles that will make a good candidate for them?
7. Consider a dermatologist before using a home based product

To put it simply, before using any mole removal product first make sure that your growth is benign.

“Proceed with any at-home mole removal solution only if your mole is benign and not-deep.”


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