How Much Does A Mole Removal Cost?

By | August 29, 2017

Once you have decided that you want to get rid of your mole, consult a skilled practitioner about the right mole removal procedure and its subsequent cost.

The mole removal cost is different for different procedures. Moreover, it’s about the finding the right procedure that gives you the best results.

Most moles are benign & people want to remove them purely for aesthetic reasons. However, in case, the mole shows any of these cancerous symptoms meet your doctor immediately and get it removed. Cosmetic moles are usually not covered by insurance. So it important to know (1) which mole removal procedure gives the best cosmetic results and (2) the mole removal cost for that particular procedure.

For instance, if you have a common mole on your face, it can be easily removed using non-invasive procedures such as laser, cauterization or radiowave. While on the other hand, if the mole is atypical, your doctor might recommend going for a surgical excision to get the desired results.

It is often said that non-invasive procedures give best cosmetic results which are really important if you are considering mole removal from the face. But for a non-invasive procedure to be executed, your mole has to be benign and located on the surface of the skin.

The point that we are trying to make is that it is not about the removal cost but about the kind of mole and procedure chosen to achieve desired results.

Before we cover costs for various medical and at-home removal procedures let us first understand what are the factors that influence mole removal cost. While each procedure has it’s own benefits and limitations, it is important that you find a skilled and experienced practitioner for great results.

The mole removal cost typically depends on the following factors –

1. Size, Structure, and complexity of a mole

Common moles are easier to treat because of their small size and even shape. On the other hand, larger moles require more time & sittings and hence comes at a moderately higher cost. Furthermore, if a mole is deeply embedded in the skin, the process becomes more complex than that of surface level moles. So, it requires more extra time & cost.

2. Location of the mole

A facial mole treatment is generally expensive than mole removal at any other area such back, legs etc. Any mole on the face must be treated by a skilled practitioner to achieve best cosmetic results and serve the purpose it is meant to serve i.e. improve a person’s image and enhanced self-confidence.

3. Skill of the doctor

It is important to choose an expert for best cosmetic results. Even though you are getting it removed for medical reasons, still you wouldn’t mind a good appearance and the good aesthetic results lie in the hands of an expert surgeon. For instance, if you have a mole on the face or neck and want it removed,  it’d be better to choose a dermatologist who has performed facial removals in the past. The cost is likely to increase with expert doctors but no one would mind paying an extra amount for their own good.

4. Removal procedure chosen

Depending on the complexity, size and structure of a mole, the desired method is chosen by the doctor. Some procedures might require more than one sitting and will result in a higher mole removal cost. If your mole is found to be suspicious, your doctor will either perform excision or shave removal. In that case, your removal will be covered. If your mole is benign, you may discuss laser, radio or cryosurgery procedures, their expected outcomes & associated costs.

Average mole removal cost for various procedures is given below.

5. Histology fee

Some mole removal procedures such as shave, punch or excision allow for the mole tissue to be sent for biopsy to further evaluate its cancerous properties. Some clinics/hospitals charge separately for biopsy. You can ask this from your skin specialist.

6. Other hidden costs

In addition to histology fee, some clinics also charge for operating rooms, facility usage etc. separately. Get a complete break of the cost of the entire procedure to plan it better.

7. Country & State

Due to cost of living and factors of demand and supply, mole removal cost might be different for different states/cities. Average cost near New York is $700 which is much higher than average cost near Miami ($400).

8. Number of moles to be treated

Most dermatologists offer discounts if the number of moles to be treated in a single visit is more than one.


Finally, after having identified major factors that contribute to the mole removal cost, let’s take a look at the standard cost for various procedures in the United States.

1. Shave Mole Removal Cost – The procedure should be used to treat superficial moles. Average cost between $150-250. Read more about this procedure here.

2. Excision with Stitches – The procedure is used to treat large and deep moles. It cost between $200 and $400 depending on the size, location and complexity. Detailed article here.

3. Laser Mole Removal Cost – Thanks to modern technology, laser procedure is quite successful in treating not just moles but a variety of other medical diseases & conditions. Consultation, facility & removal fee add up to around $500 or more depending on the city/state. Detailed article here.

4. Cryotherapy – Even though no tissue is sent for histological examination, doctors still use this procedure for its ability to bring fantastic results. The removal starts at $300 and can go up to $1500 as well. Detailed article here.

5. Radiosurgery – Ranges from $200-350. Consult a board-certified physician to see if this is a suitable procedure for you. Detailed article here.

6. Electrocoagulation – Electric current penetrates the skin and destroys the mole tissues. It usually costs around $150-350 depending on the factors mentioned above. Detailed article here.

7. Mole Removal Creams Cost – Only if your doctor recommends using mole removal creams, purchase one from the market or online. It can cost up to $40.

8. Home Mole Removal Cost – The cost depends on the home remedy chosen but normally cost between $10-30. Read the comprehensive article on at-home mole removal methods.

“You should choose a removal procedure that gives the best results and not the one which is cheapest.”

Questions you should ask your dermatologist before the removal is executed –

1. What are the benefits of chosen removal procedure?
2. Why did he/she choose a particular removal procedure?
2. What are the risks?
3. Are there any other low-cost alternatives?
4. Can a home remedy be used (only if the mole is benign)?
5. What kind of scar will it produce?
6. How much time will it take for complete healing?
7. What are the precautions to be taken?
8. What are the things to be followed for aftercare of the surgical site?

As your next steps, you should find a list of certified doctors in your area and see if they have performed any similar removal in the past. Ask them about the most relevant procedure for you. Look at some before & after photos of previous patients to have the right expectations with regard to scar formation. Next thing you should do is to check removal costs, understand cost structure & take the right decision.



There is no standard cost for a mole removal procedure. The cost depends on a variety of factors including size, structure, complexity & location of mole, the skill of the doctor, removal technique chosen etc. Your doctor can identify the best mole removal procedure and its cost.


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