Everything You Need To Know About Laser Mole Removal

By | August 29, 2017

We are all desirous of a healthy glowing skin that is free from any spot or blemishes. Moles can sometimes be a flaw in your skin and they do not always enhance your beauty. Modern medicine laced with technology has given us the privilege to get rid of moles that we find quite unsettling.

Laser mole removal procedure is one such advancement of modern technology that restores the beauty of our skin.

Dermatologists all over the world use laser for different skin treatments including the removal of moles. Before carrying on with a laser treatment, get the opinion of your dermatologist to ensure that your mole is not cancerous. Pre-cancerous moles also need to be removed or else they have the chance of turning into melanoma, which is a very rare form of cancer.

Types of Moles Best for Laser Removal

Moles that are flat, uniform in shape and surface level moles are best suited for laser removal. Generally, laser mole removal is inappropriate for irregular or large moles that protrude above the skin.

The various stages of laser mole removal procedure

1. The part of the skin that is home to the mole is first numbed using local anesthesia before being blazed with laser radiations. CO2 laser is most preferred by dermatologists to lighten the pigmentation in the mole to be removed.
2. The mole that disappears leaves behind a scab, which falls off on its own. The scab shows a darker tone that can be easily concealed with good makeup. This lasts for the next few days only.
3. The surrounding areas of the skin from where the mole was removed do become a little sensitive. So remember to protect that area from direct sunlight. Instead religiously use sun blocks rich in Use SPF 30+.

Here’s a small video we found on YouTube that shows the complete laser procedure in less than 130 seconds.

How much does Laser mole removal cost?

Laser treatment is a financially viable option. The average cost per session is $50 to $100.  The entire treatment cost will depend on the number of session that you require for complete mole removal. The total cost is the cumulative cost of the multiple sessions. Upon examining your skin and the penetration of your moles your dermatologist will advice you on the number of sessions of laser removal that you may require for the treatment to be effective. The number session required will be dictated by the number of moles that you want removed, the size of each one of them, and the penetration of each mole.  If the laser removal procedure entails some complicated procedure then the cost of removal will be higher. Ask your dermatologist about the average cost for the procedure to plan your removal in a better way.

Does Laser mole removal leave a Scar?

Unlike surgery laser mole removal generally leaves a barely noticeable scar. Thus it is easy to remove moles without a visible scar. Surgery and cauterization although effective leave behind deep scars after the procedure. Surgery works for moles that have very deep roots. The deeper the root of the mole that needs to be extracted the higher the chances of side effects from removal of such deep-rooted moles. Laser induced mole removal surgery heals instantaneously without any disturbing side effects.

Pros of laser removal

1. Laser mole removal is a non-invasive procedure.
2. On the other hand, surgical removal of moles requires incision to be made on the skin, which leaves the skin open for severe infections.
3. Home remedies are never thoroughly effective. They always leave behind the desire to get professional help. A laser mole removal process is hands down a significantly thorough method to get rid of many superficial face moles. Laser mole removal is worth every cent of the money that you spend. Home remedies may be cheap but they do not give you the desired outcome.
4. Laser can be used to remove multiple moles in one session, with minimal risk of skin infections.
5. Laser removal of mole will not cause itching or burning of the skin.

Cons of laser removal

1. Laser removal is most effective for superficial moles and ineffective for moles that are deeply rooted.
2. Consult with your dermatologist to make sure that the mole is not cancerous.
3. If the mole indeed has cancerous properties then it is better not to remove it with laser removal methods.

Dermatologist highly recommended laser removal of mole because it is pain free and the end results offer a high aesthetic appeal.


Laser mole removal could be an effective way to remove superficial or surface level moles. Visit your dermatologist to (1) make sure that the mole is benign and (2) removal cost & aftercare before proceeding with laser mole removal.


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