Is It Safe To Remove Moles Using Electrocoagulation Mole Removal Procedure?

By | August 31, 2017

Among various other mole removal procedures, electrocauterization happens to be one of the most effective and painless procedure. Cauterization works by burning off the mole leaving no tissue to be sent for pathological examination.

Let us try and cover this topic at length so that by the end of this article you understand what cauterization removal procedure is, type of moles it is suitable for, benefits of this procedure, cost, advantages over other procedures, scar formation, aftercare etc.

The foremost thing to note here is that it is one of the non-invasive medical procedures which work best in case a person is looking to get rid of the mole for cosmetic purposes. But even before you do that you have to be completely sure that the mole to be treated is benign and shows no signs of melanoma. You can consult your dermatologist to evaluate this.

Once it’s confirmed, electrocautery works best for moles which doesn’t penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. Besides superficial moles, this can work well with smaller raised moles as well. We are sure this gives you an idea about the kind of moles this technique is suitable for.

Besides being used as a complete procedure by itself cauterization is also used with other medical procedures such as excision or punch to stop bleeding.

How does Electrosurgery work?

This procedure is pretty simple. The site is numbed using a local anesthetic. Heat is then transmitted through an electric machine/instrument to destroy the mole tissues completely. In some instances, a pen could also be used for cauterization.

The mole is removed completely as the heat penetrates the mole area. The area becomes red which requires a further application of antibiotic ointment and maintaining the area clean for a smoother & quicker healing.

The procedure is pretty quick and takes no more than 60 minutes.

Things you should talk to your doctor about

  1. Do not hesitate to talk about things you are allergic to.
  2. Tell them about your medical conditions if any.
  3. What are the benefits of the procedure?
  4. What kind of scar will the procedure result into?
  5. Things to follow for quicker healing.
  6. Any alternative procedures to achieve the desired cosmetic results?
  7. Experience in performing similar kind of removals.

Benefits of Electrocautery

quicker healing over excision or shave


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