Are Mole Removal Creams Effective? Is It Worth Using Them?

By | March 18, 2018

We are sure you want to get rid of the unsightly mole on your face asap. And your friend or a relative recommended a mole removal cream. Right? But before you get on to the mole removal straight away, we want you to understand some basic information about mole removal.

Moles do not always enhance the attractive appeal of a person’s face. Sometimes they actually mar the appearance of an otherwise attractive face. They become skin imperfections and must be removed in the gentlest way possible with minimal scarring.

In medical terms, the mole can either be removed using surgical methods such as Excision or punch, however, when it comes to removing a mole on face, people look for non-invasive medical procedures such as laser or a cryotherapy so that their appearance remains intact leaving behind a barely visible scar.

An average mole removal treatment can cost anywhere between $150-800 depending on a lot of factors such as size, the complexity of a mole, skill of the doctor etc.

Due to the high cost of surgery, you are probably looking for other alternatives such as home remedies or mole removing creams.

While a lot of arguments favor using home remedies or mole removing creams, but there is limited medical evidence proving its effectiveness.

We understand your friend might have recommended you to use creams for quicker and great results or maybe you so want to get rid of that unsightly mole on your face as soon as possible or maybe your mole is cosmetic and you do not want to bear the cost of surgical procedures but think about this for a moment.

What is more important for you? Getting a good treatment or using something that might cause irreparable damage to your skin.

There is nothing more important than your skin. After all, it is about a solution that brings great results for you.

Let your doctor first evaluate your mole for its cancerous properties. If the mole is deemed benign, you may discuss using various creams for getting rid of your mole at home.

Type of moles where removal creams could be used

If your dermatologist permits it, use it only on benign and surface level moles. Moles that are deep must always be removed using surgical procedures otherwise there are chances of it growing back.

If your mole looks atypical or suspicious bring it to a medical expert’s attention immediately.


Now that you have information on when to proceed with a removal cream, follow certain instructions while using them.

Instructions for using mole removal creams

1. Some creams instruct for the mole surface to be scratched with an emery board.
2. If it causes pain or irritation after applying the cream, stop using it. Contact your skin specialist immediately.
3. Protect the surrounding area using petrolatum jelly.
4. It might take up to 3-4 weeks and in some cases even more to get visible results, so be patient.
5. It may or may not work for you. The results vary from person to person.
6. Do not apply a mole cream to a mole that itches, bleeds or has changed in any way. It could be cancerous. Get it evaluated by your doctor.
7. Patch test on some other area before direct application on your mole.


With a lot of our readers asking for reviews on various mole removal products, we thought of doing this article to help you understand a little bit about various creams available in the market. Our evaluation of various mole removing products shall not be construed as medical advice.


1. DermaTend

DermaTend claims to be an effective mole removal cream, precisely formulated to remove moles in the face and body. It is not an acne cream but a specially formulated cream that works well for moles, warts & skin tags.

It is made of natural ingredients consisting zinc, distilled water, vegetable glycerin & Sanguinaria Canadensis. Because of its natural composition, it is considered safe, however, a lot of reviews complain about irritation & burning sensation. Be cautious before trying it.

2. Wart and Mole Vanish

Wart and Mole Vanish cream must be applied directly on the moles. The formula starts working on the mole within ten minutes of application. The mole is quickly unpigmented, dissolves and gets visibly removed with few days of use.

The product is developed by Pristine Herbal Touch which is amongst the leading beauty and health product manufacturer for years. This gives us some credibility to try out this product but make sure the mole is benign and consult your doctor before using it.

3. Nevexen/Nevi-Skin

Nevi skin could be used to treat a variety of skin problems. The product claims to use herbal ingredients but what we feel skeptical about is that nowhere on the product or website did it mention about the ingredients used.

The product might work for you but we suggest an expert advice in this matter.

4. Bio-T Herbals

Bio-T herbals is an organic mole removal cream that is home based and offers clean mole removal in one to two weeks. Bio-T herbals does not cause any skin irritation upon application and are very reliable in mole removal.

5. NoNevus

NoNevus is priced above an average mole removal cream. NoNevus is applied directly on the mole, after which it will remove the mole within one week. It offers no visible side effects and is a much trusted and reliable mole removal cream.

6. Nevi No More

Nevi No More is all-encompassing in its healing properties. It is effective against not only moles and mole scars but also warts. The cream works in four weeks to remove all moles. The cream is made up of all organic ingredient such as containing sesame oil, geranium, thuja, lavender, and more.

7. Skin Tag Remover

Skin Tag Remover is a homeopathic, chemical-free mole removal cream. As a result the cream performs its deep action on the skin without causing any pain, burning or itching sensation.

Furthermore, the mole removal cream does not affect the pH of the skin and more importantly does not scar the skin after mole removal. The cream works slowly up to five weeks but works on understanding the deeper, hidden problems

8. Moles Formula

Moles formula is another homeopathic cream for mole removal. The formulation is free of all chemicals. It is a very natural formulation that causes zero side effects. The cream is very potent and fades away moles within a span of twenty one days.

9. Freeze Away Wart Remover by Dr Scholl

Freeze Away Wart Remover is highly recommended by dermatologists. The cream is very efficacious and needs only ten applications to completely eliminate moles. However, the healing time is dependent upon the shape and size of the mole off course.

10. Natural Body and Skin

Natural Body and Skin cream is both a mole and birthmark removal cream. The cream is applied on the moles few times a day for consecutive days. Application of the cream causes moles to gradually fade away.

The cream also stimulates collagen formation thus toning and firming up the skin.

11. H-Moles Formula

H-Moles Formula is unique in its formulation as it combines the best of both world, meaning that is includes both organic and homeopathic formula. The cream works gently on various moles and helps to get rid of them quickly.

The cream is best suited for different skin types. It also eliminates scars, causes no irritation or itching, and all this in a matter of three weeks.

12. SkinProv

SkinProv comes in two flavors. The regular skin cream is for mild to moderate moles and the advanced skin cream is best suited for larger moles. The cream acts fasts due to active ingredients such as Sanguinaria Canadensis and zinc chloride.

It works on all types of moles on different skin types in any part of the body.


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