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This section talks about various skin tag removal procedures in great detail, why you should have it removed and what is the cost involved.

Is Tea Tree Oil The Best Home Remedy To Treat Skin Tags?

Skin tags are benign skin growths often appear from friction between skin folds. Other reasons that contribute to the growth of skin tag include hormonal changes, old age, heredity etc. Common areas where skin tags are normally found or expected to occur are eyelids, neck, chest, armpits, under the breasts, groin etc. Unlike moles, skin… Read More »

Is This The Best Skin Tag Removal Procedure?

Skin tag is a skin extension or growth that hang from the skin. It doesn’t require any attention unless it is unsightly or irritates & pains. They mostly appear in places where most skin to skin interactions take place and results in moisture. While there are a plethora of sites out there claiming to offer… Read More »

Is It Cost Effective To Get Skin Tags Removed?

  Unlike moles, skin tags are completely benign. Despite being harmless, skin tags can be a source of consistent pain & irritation especially when they are at a location where they are rubbed against clothing or get stuck in jewelry. Skin tags occur at places on your body where there is skin to skin friction… Read More »