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Understand what is a mole, different types of moles, what causes moles and much more information regarding moles.

5 Effective Steps To Prevent Moles From Appearing On Your Skin

Some moles occur at birth or are hereditary and hence, you have no control over their occurrence, however, that possibility is very rare. Studies suggest that 1 in 100 people attract Congenital Nevis. This also indicates that most moles appear early in life, especially during childhood and adulthood. And, it’s definitely possible to control or… Read More »

4 Most Common Reasons People Consider For Mole Removal

Mole is often referred to as collective and irregular growth of melanocytes cells in your skin concentrating at a single place resulting in a dark color of skin. An average individual has around 40 moles on their body. It is either raised or flat. According to Mayoclinic, most people grow moles during early years of… Read More »

What Causes Moles To Grow On Your Skin?

Before discussing various reasons that cause a mole to grow on your skin, let’s first quickly understand what makes them grow on your skin at the first place. To put it simply, melanocyte is a melanin-producing cell that is located on the bottom of the upper layer of the skin called epidermis.  They are spread… Read More »

What Is A Mole & Why Do They Grow On Your Skin?

Moles on skin occur due to overgrowth of pigment-producing cells (called melanocytes). When these skin cells grown in clusters on a certain area of the skin moles appear. Melanocytes are responsible for producing melanin which gives skin it’s natural color. Moles are commonly known as “Birthmarks” or “Beauty Marks” and do not pose any health threats… Read More »