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Understand what is a mole, different types of moles, what causes moles and much more information regarding moles.

Type Of Moles That Can Easily Be Removed At Home

Moles are the result of over active melanocytes, wherein they appear as dark spots on the skin. Additionally, the over activity of the sebaceous glands can also lead to the formation of moles.  Moles on the face vary in size, shape and color. Moles on face can be large or small, flat or raised, symmetrical… Read More »

How To Identify If A Mole Is Cancerous Or Benign?

Most moles are harmless but each mole has the potential to turn into melanoma, a very deadly form of skin cancer, if not discovered at early stages. A report by Skin Cancer Foundation points out that it is the fifth and seventh most common cancer in males & females respectively. The only way we can… Read More »

5 Ways You Can Prevent Moles Even With Maximum Exposure To Sun

We are exposed to the sun regularly irrespective of whether we are a student, a corporate or a housewife. It is quite ironical that on one hand, sunlight is an essential source of Vitamin D, on the other, it is responsible for increasing number of skin problems and lesions (including moles) as well. The melanocytic cells… Read More »

5 Effective Steps To Prevent Moles From Appearing On Your Skin

Some moles occur at birth or are hereditary and hence, you have no control over their occurrence, however, that possibility is very rare. Studies suggest that 1 in 100 people attract Congenital Nevis. This also indicates that most moles appear early in life, especially during childhood and adulthood. And, it’s definitely possible to control or… Read More »