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This section talks about various mole removal procedures in great detail, why you should have it removed and what is the cost.

How Much Does A Facial Mole Removal Cost?

Moles, especially the ones on the face can be very detrimental to one’s overall personality and image and hence demands immediate attention. Most people want their facial moles removed primarily because of cosmetic reasons. With modern technology and increased use of over the counter products and home remedies, getting rid of a facial mole has… Read More »

Which Procedure Is Ideal For Removing Flat Moles?

Moles can appear anywhere on your body. Moles may be flat or raised. Most moles are harmless and can accentuate the aesthetic appeal of one’s face. However, sometimes flat moles can be precancerous and unsightly. So both for health and aesthetic reasons flat moles are very often removed. There are a number of procedures that… Read More »

Surgical Excision: Is This The Best Mole Removal Procedure?

Surgical excision is touted as the best mole removal procedure & highly recommended when you have a mole that is deep-rooted, or skin tag or a tumor. In the surgical procedure, horizontal cuts are made to excise the unwanted skin growth. In case your dermatologist suspects the growth as cancerous they will recommend sending the… Read More »

Does Insurance Cover Mole Removal?

The mole removal is done majorly for two reasons – medical or cosmetic. You may want to check with a board-certified doctor about the best removal procedure that suits your situation. Mole removals done for cosmetic reasons are usually not covered by insurance companies. Medical mole removals are usually the safest options for getting rid… Read More »

Is Tea Tree Oil The Best Home Remedy For Mole Removal?

Among a lot of natural mole removal options available, one of the most popular home remedies that people are searching for is tea tree oil, however, even before you think of using this popular home remedy you must work with your dermatologist to (1) make sure the mole is benign/harmless and (2) seek his/her approval… Read More »

Tea Tree Oil Mole Removal: Everything You Need To Know

Moles are normal skin overgrowths that grow on every person’s body throughout their childhood till early adulthood. Most moles are benign, however, rarest of the rare moles show signs of melanoma such as a change in color, shape, structure etc. or any of the ABCDE characteristics of skin cancer that makes its removal imminent. Other… Read More »